Crushed Leaf Mosiac - Featured

Crushed Leaf Mosaics

Got leaves? You’ll need a few for this one – which makes it a perfect fall activity. We gathered our leaves one afternoon on a nature walk around the neighborhood. We took our time choosing as many different shapes, sizes and colors as we could find. Head outside with a small bag in hand and gather up as … Continue Reading

Fall Nature & Play

Los Angeles Fall Fun

NHMLA Spider Pavilion - Featured

NHMLA Spider Pavilion

Welcome to “Field Trip Friday” where I share an idea for a fun outing in nature. The setting is specific, but the advice is intended for use wherever you might call home. The Plan Surprise The Big Explorer with … Continue Reading

Santa Monica Pier Aquarium - Featured

Santa Monica Pier Aquarium

The Santa Monica Pier Aquarium, located at beach level on the Santa Monica Pier, is all about education and conservation. This pint-sized aquarium is operated by the environmental organization Heal the Bay and is … Continue Reading