Our Secret Garden

A couple of months ago – on the first anniversary of my dad’s death – I wrote a post about saying so long to my childhood garden. At the time, my step-mom was just about to break ground on the creation of the outdoor space she and my dad had long dreamed about.

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Before she did so, I took a few minutes to walk through the space and bid a fond farewell to all of its special treasures. Although part of me was sad to see it go, another hoped that the new space would be a place where my children would play, explore and spend many a special hour, much as I had as a child.

Before heading off to Yosemite, the finishing touches were finally made on the new garden and the big explorer and I headed over for a visit. I felt it only fitting that I share some of our exciting discoveries with you.

The garden’s centerpiece, just as before, is the pond.

The main difference is that it now teems with life. These water lilies were the first thing the big explorer spotted.

A close-up look inside the water revealed a world of treasures that got me as giddy as my 5 ½ year old. There were tons of these water snails,

 goldfish aplenty, and even a damselfly!

As I slowly turned to take the rest of the space in, I spotted several garden decorations that had always been there, but had somehow been lost in the discord. Here are a few of my favorites.

There are some new places that look uber-inviting, like this quaint place to sit under the oak tree.

And this great green space screaming out for a game of catch (a true homage to the days of my youth).

Most of all, I am thankful for the signs of my dad that linger throughout this magical space. The green house he built himself (for his beloved orchids) shortly before his death.

The countless roses and camellias that he planted have found new homes in familiar surroundings. Would you believe that even my cats’ final resting spots remained undisturbed throughout the transformation?

I know my dad is here – I see him everywhere I look. I am grateful that my kids will have such a wonderful place to play and explore. Dad would have been so proud.

It's always nice to share.
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  1. says

    @Marc: Thanks for your kind comment. I&#39;m so thankful my step-mom decided to create such a beautiful space for us all to enjoy.<br /><br />@Crystal: That bench is so cool, isn&#39;t it? I&#39;ve got a feeling my youngest will soon be finding a way to get up into that tree!<br /><br />@Mel: Thanks, you! 🙂

  2. says

    Very touching post. What a neat space for you and your kids to create to great memories. Especially for you. I hope you continue to build on your wonderful memories of your dad and your childhood by adding terrific memories of your kids now spending lots of time playing and growing in the &#39;same&#39; space you once did. My parents still live in the same house from my childhood, and I love when