Fun Friday: Start a Bird Book

Fun Friday activities are quick-and-simple ways to explore nature in your own backyard.

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After our birdwatching adventure at Malibu Lagoon last weekend, the big explorer and I were gushing about all of our favorite sightings. It seemed like the perfect time to start writing them down. Hence the idea for a bird book.

We decided we should start with the birds we see every day in our backyard – namely crows and hummingbirds.

We grabbed an empty notebook and some colored pencils and headed outside. The big explorer found a nice, quiet spot and started drawing. When he was done, I suggested he include an interesting fact about crows. (He also thought a plane was in order!)

We included a print we’d made earlier of a crow feather we’d found in our backyard.

Then the big explorer added a second page for hummingbirds.

It’s my turn next, to make an entry for my favorite bird from trip to Malibu Lagoon – a great blue heron.

Take-Home Tips 

  • Keep it age appropriate. Refined sketches or photographs, as well as more detailed notes, would work for older kids; younger kids may do better with make-your-own bird flash cards (picture on one side, name on the other).
  • Head outdoors for inspiration. Finding a quiet place to work allows kids to let the sights and sounds of nature inspire their entries.

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  1. says

    @SquiggleMum: Yes, our backyard has many hummingbird visitors. I guess we're lucky in that department! 🙂

  2. says

    Sigh. I can&#39;t BELIEVE you have Hummingbirds in your yard. Hummingbirds! <br /><br />My daughter and I keep a nature journal too (but no hummingbird sketches in ours…)

  3. says

    @Crystal: A nature journal is a fun way for the little ones to record their favorite things. Hope you guys have fun w/ it!

  4. says

    I LOVE this! I created a Tree journal with my preschool class the last year I was teaching, and everyone contributed drawings, bark rubbings, and pressed leaves from their own yards. I&#39;ve been thinking about doing the same with Shane as he gets older, but now I&#39;m loving the bird journal idea! I may wind up picking up a blank sketch pad someday, and encouraging him to create a general

  5. says

    @Zablon: Thanks for your comment!<br /><br />@Mike: Thanks for the field guide recommendations!<br /><br />@Kelly: Glad to hear you guys are working on a backyard field guide. We love ours!

  6. says

    LOVE this, Debi. My kids and I are working on a field guide to the backyard. Our focus on it ebbs and flows, but it&#39;s a great way to learn more about our habitat and its visitors! :0)