30 Ideas for Winter Backyard Nature Fun

This blog’s most popular post by far remains one of its simplest: 50 Ways to Explore Nature in Your Own Backyard. I’m glad to know that so many people are looking for ways to spend time in nature right outside their own homes.

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Since that post remains a hit, I thought it might be helpful to compile a list of ideas for backyard fun for every season – starting with winter.

This list includes a combination of things we’ve tried in the past and things we’d like to try soon (especially all those snow play ideas!). Hope one or more of them will inspire you to head outdoors and spend some time exploring nature.

Plus some snow play ideas for those of you who need some ’em:

What’s your favorite way to connect with nature during the winter in your backyard or beyond?

It's always nice to share.
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  1. says

    Here are a couple more fun snowy ideas:
    * blow bubbles when it is 32F or below. They freeze and crack!
    * build a quinzee or snow fort – extra points for spending the night in it.

  2. says

    @Nicole: My 2.5-year-old seemed perplexed by snow when he first saw it, too. Must take some adjusting! Wishing you warm weather fun soon!<br /><br />@Melissa: Totally hear you on the two kid juggling act. Hang in there – pretty soon the little guy will be making mud pies with the best of &#39;em!<br /><br />@Mel: Thanks for sharing the post with your followers! 🙂

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    All great ideas! Right now I struggle because the baby is too young for some outdoor things and it&#39;s harder to play with Big Roo while toting the baby around. We played in the snow but the baby kept wanting to crawl around and he really wasn&#39;t dressed for it. <br /><br />Thanks for the ideas– I&#39;m at a loss sometimes when it&#39;s cold out!

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    Our son isn&#39;t a huge fan of snow (yet… I haven&#39;t given up hope!) We bought him a little snow shovel for Christmas and that has been a huge hit. He likes to think he&#39;s helping out and doing what we&#39;re doing. It has helped to keep him happy while we get that necessary job done outside before we can go in and warm up.<br /><br />These are great ideas… we need it to get a little