Where is Your Favorite Place in Nature?

Favorite Place in Nature - Featured
I’m fortunate enough to be writing this from my favorite place in nature: our family cabin in Yosemite National Park.

Having a favorite place to be one with nature is important. It is here that I seek solace when life presents its biggest challenges. It is here I come to slow down and find reminders of what’s most important to me.

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When I’m at my favorite place in nature:

I see beauty in everything – especially the tiniest of wonders, like ladybugs scurrying on a log or a tree growing out of a rock.

I hear silence. How I relish the space to think and just be. And I love closing my eyes and listening to the sounds of nature.

I smell joy. You know how scents trigger memories? When I’m in Yosemite, nearly every smell reminds me of times spent here in my youth. Times of innocence, joy and endless possibilities.

I taste things fully. Maybe that’s because more than half of my meals are eaten outside in amazing surroundings with people I love.

I touch things with my soul. Every deer, blue jay, wildflower, giant sequoia, slab of granite, river rock and gushing waterfall gets filed away in a special spot in my memory bank.

Having a favorite place to feel at peace with yourself and to connect with nature is especially important in today’s fast-paced world. Not just for parents, but for kids, too.

I’m hopeful my kids will discover their own favorite places in nature. It doesn’t have to be a big, magical place like Yosemite. A tree just right for climbing, a garden full of wildflowers, a creek perfect for throwing rocks. Wherever it might be, let your kids find it.

Your turn! Where is your favorite place in nature?

It's always nice to share.
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  1. says

    Thanks to each of you for sharing about your favorite places in nature. I love knowing that you all "get" it. Here's to each of you being able to discover more such special places in the future.

  2. says

    This may be my favorite all-time post of yours. I love it! <br /><br />I think my favorite place is floating on a boat anywhere in the Channel Islands. I love the sounds of the waves lapping against the side of the boat, the salt water smells, the sea breeze, the light playing on the island, and all the childhood memories that go along with it.<br /><br />Glad you had a great trip and can&#39;t

  3. says

    Gorgeous post! My favorite place is in the Sierra Nevada, too. I was a Wilderness Ranger on the east side out of Mammoth and there is a spot high in the mountains on a big slab of granite, overlooking a meadow of wildflowers that will always be in my heart.