10 Fall Garden Activities for Kids

Fall Garden Activities - Featured

Does your garden go into hibernation come fall? Ours does. That’s why this year I’ve been looking for ways to keep the kids active in the garden year round. Here are a 10 fall garden activities worth sharing.

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1. Clean up.
Kids love playing in the dirt and fall is the perfect time to do so. Let them pull up non-producing vegetables and annuals, rake leaves and collect seeds for spring planting.

2. Spruce up your garden décor.
We’ve purchased a new hummingbird feeder and will likely procure a new bird feeder – and maybe even a birdhouse – as well. We’ve also added some tree stumps to our space.

3. Plant a fall vegetable garden.
We’ll soon be planting our first fall veggies, which in our area can include peas, cabbage, broccoli, onions and fava beans.

4. Search for bugs.
There’s never a bad time for a bug hunt and with cooler temperatures and moist soil, fall is full of kid-friendly critters like spiders and snails.

5. Decorate for the season.
Got pumpkins? Give them a home in your fall garden. Turn empty gourds into bird feeders, planters or herb gardens. If you’re feeling especially creative, make your own pumpkin scarecrow.

6. Get a jump-start on spring.
Fall is the perfect time to plant spring-blooming flower bulbs like tulips and daffodils. Keep the bulbs on the porch as the temps drop – or bring them inside.

7. Think outside the box.
Weather too cold for fall planting? Create a rock garden or a fairy garden instead.

8. Plant a tree.
Fall is the season to plant trees and shrubs. Do your homework to make sure you pick the right tree for your space.

9. Seek creative inspiration.
Encourage your kids to capture your fall garden with a camera, sketch pad or crayons. Paint rocks or flower pots to add to your space.

10. Cater to the wildlife.
Keep your birdbath and bird feeders clean and full. Plan for spring plants that will invite wildlife like butterflies, bees and hummingbirds into the space.

Now it’s your turn! How do you keep your kids active in your fall garden?

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