6 Tips for a Great Backyard Easter Egg Hunt

Young kids love a good treasure hunt. This Easter, host your own backyard Easter egg hunt. Here’s how.

I don’t remember having Easter egg hunts in my backyard as a kid, but we certainly enjoy them now. Nothing fancy, mind you. But our hunts are something The Explorers look forward to every year.

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While there’s no real trick to creating the perfect backyard Easter egg hunt, there are a few things to keep in mind to help the big event go a little smoother.

Decide when to do the hiding.
Our hunts are usually first thing in the morning, so we often hide our eggs the night before. (Weather is on our side here in L.A., which helps.) Whenever your hunt will be, carve out more time than you think you’ll need to do the hiding. And don’t forget the extra set of hands you’ll need to entertain the kiddos while you do so.

Keep the hiding spots age appropriate.
Place eggs for the youngest kids in plain sight on the ground or on a blanket. The slightly older crowd (say up to 6 years) may be ready for hiding in more out-of-the-way spots like potted plants, near bushes and against trees. Older kids will enjoy having to seek out cleverly hidden locales such as in trees and behind bushes.

Opt for reusable eggs.
We use plastic eggs, which we recycle from one year to the next. We fill them with small treats like jelly beans, small chocolates, coins, notes and coupons.

Make sure everyone has the right gear.
Yes, a basket or bag for egg gathering is essential. But so is the right clothing. The Explorers love wearing their pajamas, but be sure your kids are dressed appropriately for the weather.

Lay down the ground rules.
We usually point out the borders of the search area. In the past, we’ve also sent each of The Explorers off searching for certain colored eggs to ensure each found equal amounts. This year we’ll tell the kids that the eggs will all be shared after they’ve been found so there isn’t any arguing later.

Follow up with more outdoor fun.

Our backyard Easter egg hunt is usually just the beginning of plenty of outdoor fun. We change up the activities every year, keeping them age appropriate and involving everyone in the family. A few ideas:

  • A paper airplane flying contest,
  • Croquet,
  • Pin-the-tail-on-the-bunny,
  • Or an egg toss (with hard boiled eggs).

Young kids love a good treasure hunt. This Easter, host your own backyard Easter egg hunt. Here’s how.

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  1. Vista Village Pediatrician says

    This is noted for the next Easter Egg Hunt or any similar fun hunting activity. I find 100% enjoyment here for all ages. Ground rules will surely work too so that 3 golden eggs wouldn't be a big deal for 20 participants or more.