10 Ways to Explore Nature in January

January is full of hope and potential for the year ahead. But spending time outside and in nature can get a little more challenging as temperatures drop.

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The trick is to make sure you and the kiddos are dressed for the weather, keep it simple and have fun!

To make getting outside this month a little easier, I’ve created a free printable version of this list. Print it, post it and cross the items off as you go. Don’t be afraid to add your own ideas!

1. Go on a winter nature scavenger hunt.
A winter nature scavenger hunt can turn a routine walk around the neighborhood into something a little more adventurous.

2. Head to the beach.
I realize this isn’t an option for everyone. But if it is, take advantage of beaches, which tend to be practically empty this time of the year. Go tide pooling, make sand angels, search for seashells or enjoy a picnic.

3. Be a treasure hunter – in the snow!
I haven’t tried this, but doesn’t treasure hunting in the snow sound fun? Sprinkle a few sparkly favorites out after a snowfall, then let your kiddos go searching.

4. Feed your backyard birds.
Finding food gets tougher for your feathered friends this time of year. Make a pine cone bird feeder, then watch to see who visits.

5. Go on a winter color walk.
Color is usually associated with spring, so a winter color walk is an exciting challenge. How many shades of white, brown and green can you spot?

6. Fly a kite.
Breezy January days are made for kite flying. Look for wide-open spaces like parks and beaches.

7. Hit the trails.
Cool temps make for great times (and fewer crowds) on the trail. Got snow? Go snowshoeing instead.

8. Watch a sunset.
Since the sun is setting relatively early, seize the opportunity to watch a sunset this month.

9. Check out the night sky.
Another advantage of earlier sunsets is earlier nightfall. Make a date to go stargazing in your jammies.

10.  Go on a photo safari.
Bring along a camera and head outside on a photo safari. You could even pick a theme – like animals or trees.

If you need a little more inspiration, check out 30 ideas for winter backyard nature fun.

Your turn! What’s your favorite way to explore nature in January?

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