Adventuring Tips

Although you don’t have to be an expert in science or the outdoors to explore nature with kids, sometimes it helps to have a few ideas up your sleeves.

The Adventuring Tips section of this blog is dedicated to providing you with just that. Stuff like how to go bird watching with kids, what to do outside on rainy days or ideas for getting outside 15 minutes a day.

Click on any of the categories below for a complete list of posts; I’ve featured the top three reader favorites in each category here. Happy exploring!

Advice on Outdoor Play
If you need a little inspiration for turning ordinary outdoor excursions into nature adventures, look no further!

Camping Basics
Here’s where you’ll find advice from our family and others on camping with kids – from gear reviews to camping activities and more.

Favorite Places to Explore Nature
Thanks to several of my fellow travel and nature bloggers for sharing their favorite places to explore nature with kids in their hometowns. This series features locations across the entire United States, and even one from across the pond!

How-To Guides
I make no claims to be an expert. These real-world tips are based on our experiences in the field.

My Musings on Nature
This eclectic collection includes everything from outdoor adventure bucket lists to reflections on some of our more memorable moments in nature.

News of Interest
You guessed it! Here’s where you’ll find updates about the blog.

Where to Go in Yosemite With Kids
Yosemite National Park is like a second home to me. So when it comes to spending time in Yosemite with kids, I’d like to think I’ve got you covered.

Your Green Hour Survival Guide
Do you get outside every day? This series is all about providing inspiration to make getting outside with your kids every day a habit.

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