50 Ideas for Your Summer Outdoor Bucket List


This post has been resurrected just in time for summer. It has been thoughtfully tweaked and updated since it first appeared. Which makes it almost like new!

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At the start of every season, we create an outdoor fun list. Together, we dream up some things we’d like to do, write those ideas down and then try to make them happen. Of course, more than any other time of year, we also plan for lots of downtime to make room in our lives for enjoying summer’s simple pleasures.

Some of the ideas on our summer outdoor bucket list are simple, but others require more time – things like cherry picking or fishing. Which is why this year, we’re dedicating time each week during Camp Mommy to an item on our list.

50 Ideas for Your Summer Outdoor Bucket List

50 Ideas for Your Summer Outdoor Bucket List 

Instead of sharing what’s on our family’s summer outdoor bucket list (you can see our 2010 and 2012 lists for past examples), I thought I’d share some ideas to help inspire you to make your own.

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    Need a few more ideas? Check out my summer outdoor fun board on Pinterest, where I collect ideas for summer play and summer bucket lists from around the web. And don’t miss your A-to-Z guide to summer backyard nature fun.


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      I love your summer outdoor bucket list! What a great idea for fun-filled summer adventures with the kids. Thank you for sharing.

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